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January 23, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   JERUSALEM- Earlier this week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was interrupted by Arab members of the Israeli parliament, after stressing that it is unacceptable for anyone to equate Israel with Apartheid South Africa. Following the Canadian Prime Minister’s address, Prime Minister Netanyahu took the podium to thank Harper and [...]

BEDOUIN MYTH #6 – “The Bedouin are only demanding 5% of the lands of the Negev.”

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Unilateral refusal adopted by the Bedouin sector in relation to any generous offer from the government over the years is in fact a bargaining chip of the Bedouin position, which refuses any compromise and creates “facts on the ground.” For the sake of discussion, they claim that the percentage of lands needed for settling the [...]

Myth #5 – Government Budgets discriminate?

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Government Participation in Local Authority Councils

“The Bedouin sector is the poorest among Israeli society; Bedouin local authorities are ranked at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder in Israel.” For years we have heard complaints from the Bedouin and leftist organizations about discrimination and bias on the part of the state. Take for example the claim of Professor Ismail Abu Sa’ad [...]

Bedouin Myth #4 – Are the Bedouin neglected by the State in terms of building rights.

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Lakiya town plan for 30,000 residents

The Israeli Justice system describes the crisis of illegal construction as a “blow to the nation.” Different estimates gauge some 100,000 illegally constructed structures throughout the country. The illegal construction of the Bedouin takes up a sizable portion of this crisis. As of the end of 2012 the number of illegal structures by the Bedouin [...]

Bedouin Myth #2 – Are the Bedouin Villages Historical?

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The area where Al-Araqib is today, in 1945 no village or cemetery whatsoever.

In the past few years, the Bedouin of the Negev and extreme left Non-Government organizations (NGO’s) have repeatedly claimed that most of the Bedouin villages are “historical” and that Bedouin have inhabited these villages since before the creation of the State of Israel. Take, for example, the Joint Position Paper: Bill on Arrangement of Bedouin [...]

Response to the resignation of Former Minister Benny Begin.

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  12th December 2013 Press Release Regavims' response to the resignation of Former Minister Benny Begin.   Former Minister Begin’s decision to resign, must be seized by the government as an opportunity to change the Begin plan and make it an improved and more just solution for all citizens of Israel, especially the Bedouins in [...]

Bedouin settlement, are we missing the point?

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   Jerusalem Post    Ari Briggs   10th Decenber,  2013 Recently a day of rage in Israel was initiated to protest the Begin Plan, the Governments’ proposal to accommodate Bedouin settlement in the Negev.   To understand why the position of the government and the position of some Bedouin seem so irreconcilable, all we have [...]