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November Newsletter – Supreme Court Ruling – Regavim defeats air pollution

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After 3 years of fighting on behalf of the residents in the Northern Sharon/Shomron region to have illegal highly polluting charcoal kilns closed down, the Supreme Court last week ruled in Regavim's favor and ordered the Civil Administration to enforce the law and have them shut down. Outside the Supreme Court building a protest was [...]

An End to Unlicensed Filling Stations

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  After Regavim raised the issue of pirate gas stations in southern Israel, it seems that the authorities are finally dealing with the phenomenon.  In the course of the last months, Regavim contacted all the relevant authorities, including the police, Interior Ministry, Ministry of Infrastructures and to the Environmental Protection Ministry and demanded that they [...]

Illegal Quarry in Gush Etzion

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  Regavim submitted a petition against the authorities responsible for law enforcement with a demand that the court direct them to halt the illegal operation of a quarry in the Gush Etzion area.   Over three years ago, Regavim sent a letter to the Civil Administration and security forces with a request that they halt an [...]

The Underground Economy

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An established and organized underground economy has developed among the Negev Bedouins. Hundreds and thousands of businesses know nothing about keeping books or paying taxes. They have never even heard about a cash register – actually, they have heard, but they’ve decided not to pay attention. As simple citizens who want to make a living, [...]